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Campus Violence Prevention Plan

The purpose of the Campus Violence Prevention Plan is to standardize the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s policies and procedures regarding violence prevention. This plan describes the campuses multi-disciplinary violence prevention strategies, including the formation of a Campus Violence Prevention Committee and the implementation of two Threat Assessment Teams to address aberrant, dangerous or threatening behavior on campus. This plan specifically addresses the integration of existing campus programs that deal with associated issues (e.g. workplace violence, suicide prevention, anti-bullying, sexual assault prevention), the incorporation of violence prevention strategies into related policies and procedures, and the inclusion of zero tolerance policy statements that reaffirm violence prevention strategies.

The Campus Violence Prevention Plan is posted on the Division of Public Safety’s website pursuant to the State of Illinois “Campus Security Enhancement Act” (29 ILL. ADM. CODE 305) requirement. This plan is also linked from the following websites: Office of the Dean of Students (www.odos.illinois.edu), Staff Human Resources (www.shr.illinois.edu), Academic Human Resources (www.ahr.illinois.edu) and the Faculty Staff Assistance Program (www.fsap.illinois.edu).

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Campus Violence Prevention Plan

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