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The Metropolitan Emergency Tactical Response Option (METRO) Team is a tactical response unit specially trained and equipped to respond to high-risk incidents such as barricaded-armed subjects, hostage incidents, warrant service involving dangerous persons or environments, civil disturbances, and dignitary protection. The University Police Department provides tactical specialists, negotiators, and a commander to METRO. Metro Unit responding to a callThe Team is staffed and supported by the University, Urbana, Rantoul, Mahomet and Parkland College Police Departments, as well as the Champaign County Sheriff's Office. Additionally, Tactical Emergency Medical Support Team members include paramedics who provide a valuable part of the Team to assist with medical issues in the role of tactical medics. Members of the Team train together regularly and are on-call for emergency situations. A member of the Division's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit is also included as a tactical specialist. This member provides support to the Team involving incidents where hazardous devices may be involved.


The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit is the primary response team for east central Illinois, and is comprised of officers from the University and Champaign Police Departments. EOD Unit responding to a call in a rural areaCalls for service that the EOD Unit responds to include collection of military ordnance, suspicious packages or letters, suspected “booby traps," and the ongoing transport and disposal of seized illegal fireworks. All team members are required to complete a five-week course at the Hazardous Devices School located at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama. Additionally, members attend regular training and are required to re-certify every three years to maintain their certification as bomb technicians. The EOD Unit is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as robots, digital x-ray devices, radiation detectors, thermal imaging monitors, modern bomb suits, and vehicles.

Honor Guard

The University Police Honor Guard is comprised of officers from different divisions in the department who work this assignment on a voluntary basis. Members of the Honor Guard have attended specialized training specifically for this function. six members of the Honor GuardSince the inception of the unit, members have participated in funerals and memorial services throughout Illinois and neighboring states to honor members of the Law Enforcement community and their families. They have also participated as color guard at several community events.


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